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Hello fellow readers,

Here are a few things about me.

I really enjoy playing soccer, and I am on the local rep team.  I am also really involved in dance, I do fave dances a week, four on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.  I have a dog named Travis, and we have had him for about four years.  I was born in England, but moved to Canada when I was four years old.  I have a twin brother, but I am older by one minute!  And I love to go camping with my family!

Thanks for reading all about me,

Sincerely, Abbie





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11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Abbie!

    Do you enjoy living in Canada? Kelly has been to Canada (Montreal, Toronto,and Western Quebec) and loved it! I, Rachel, have also been to Canada and most of my family lives over there? Which part of Canada do you live in and do you speak English or French or both?


    • Hello Rachel, Kelly,
      Yes I really enjoy living in Canada, everything is much greener here and that’s awesome for the environment! That’s awesome that Kelly has been to all those places in Canada, I really want to go to Toronto and Montreal. That’s awesome that you have been to Canada, what province did you go to? Do you live in Canada, or is it just you family? I live in British Colombia, Vancouver Island, it is such a beautiful place to live! I speak English, I am absolutely terrible at French! Do you speak English and another language?
      Thank’s for commenting on my blog,
      Sincerely, Abbie

    • Hello Miss W.
      Thank you for reading my comment on your blog!
      That’s are hard question, my favourite spot to go camping would have to Hornby Island. The campsite we stay at is truly incredible, we are over looking the beach, we can see all around us, far and wide. Hornby Island is just of the coast of Vancouver Island and it is about a 30 to 45 minute ferry ride, and a 10 minute drive to the campsite. Other places we have gone camping at is, Loveland Bay. (on the Island, and one of my favourites!) We have also gone on a two week long camping trip. We went to Oregon, and travelled to different campsites and spend at least three days, (two nights) there. Have you ever gone camping? Where have you gone?
      Sincerely, Abbie

  2. G’day again Abbie,
    I was very lucky that when I was 9 years old and my brother 7, our parents took us out of school for three months and we went travelling around Australia. We had a Kombi van set up with beds and cooking etc and a tent off the side where my brother and I slept every night. My aunty and her family also came but they slept in a caravan. We had a great time camping in lots of places around Australia.

    • Hello Miss. W,
      Wow! I would really love to go on a camping for three months, and around Australia! You were so lucky! Did you like being pulled out of school, or would you have rather stayed home and gone to school? I have never heard of a Kombi van before, but I’m guessing that it is pretty big considering that it can fit a bed and kitchen/cooking area in it! Why did you sleep in a tent instead of the van? was it more comfortable, or was there not enough space for your whole family to fit in there? That’s awesome that your aunty and her family came along for the trip, it must have been one of the most memorable years with your family. I bet you had lots of fun camping, you’re in Australia! Iv’ve always wanted to go there! I have a question, have you done any camping in the past few years?
      Thanks for commenting on my blog,
      Sincerely, Abbie

  3. Hi Abbey,
    I think it’s really cool how you are one minute older than your brother.
    Do you have a Canadian or English accent?
    Also when you say “I do dance fave times a week ” Do you actually mean five times a week?
    Sincerely Charlie

    • Hello Charlie,
      I know, it is pretty cool that I am older than my brother! I used yo have a English accent, but over the years I have adapted a Canadian accent, but my friends would probably say that I still sound English! Yes I do mean I do five dances a week,,sorry about the spelling mistake. Do you do dance? Or do you play a sport, what is your favourite sport?
      Thanks for commenting on my blog,
      Sincerely, Abbie

  4. Hey abbie

    I love your blog. I play soccer too and I also have a twin but I’m Five minute’s older not one I think that your blog has funny content and would like to hear more from you

  5. Hi Abbie! My name is Lauren and I live in the U.S.A, but I have traveled to Canada numerous times! I remember thinking Canada was absolutely beautiful! What is your favorite part about living in Canada?
    – Lauren

    • Hello Lauren,
      As you may know, I live in Canada but have only travelled to the U.S.A about four or five times. I think that Oregon has to be my favourite part of the U.S.A, it was really beautiful when I went camping there! My favourite part about living in Canada is that we have no wars and it’s a really beautiful country! Can’t wait to hear more from you,
      Sincerely, Abbie

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